Citizens of the World - Team

Below we present the team of the research project which entitled Citizens of the World: Modern Kurdish Literature and Heritagisation as A means for Transforming and Revitalising The Kurdish Language and The Oral Tradition which has sterted in February 2020. The project is launched in cooperation with the University of Exeter and financed from Opus-17 program by National Centre of Science - Poland.

  • Dr hab. Joanna Bocheńska

    Joanna Bocheńska, Principal Investigator in the project. She is the adjunct professor at the Institute of Oriental Studies (Department of Iranian Studies) at the Jagiellonian University, Poland, and director of the Section of Kurdish Studies.

  • Dr Farangis Ghaderi

    Farangis Ghaderi is currently Research Fellow at the Section of Kurdish Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Jagiellonian University and the author of several peer-reviewed articles on Kurdish literature and a co-editor of the Kurdish-language academic journal, Derwaze.

  • Esat Şanlı

    Esat Şanlı is currently doing PhD at the Kurdish Language and Culture Department (Kurmanji Section) of the Dicle University. He completed his master degree in the Kurdish Language and Culture at the Mardin Artuklu University in 2017.