• ALCITfem

    The project Activism And Its Moral and Cultural Foundation: Alternative Citizenship and Women’s Roles in Kurdistan and the Diaspora (ALCITfem) is an interdisciplinary research programme that is rooted in literary studies, cultural anthropology, gender studies and sociology. Methodologically and theoretically, the project combines and connects Humanities with Social Sciences through the cooperation of the following institutes: the Section of Kurdish Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies (Faculty of Philology) of the Jagiellonian University (JU, Kraków), the Centre for Gender Research (STK, Senter for Tverrfaglig Kjonnsforskning) at the University of Oslo (UiO), the Centre for the Advanced Study of Population and Religion (CASPAR) at Cracow University of Economics (CUE), the Fafo, Institute of Labour and Social Research in Oslo and the Asia and Pacific Museum (Warsaw). The project is funded in the scope of the Grieg programm of the National Science Centre of Poland from the Norway Grants.

  • Woman, Life, Freedom

    Exhibition: Jin, jiyan, azadî (Women, life, freedom) - daily life and social involvement of Kurdish women in Kurdistan and the diaspora, The Asia and Pacific Museum, Warszawa, Solec 24, 14.05.2021-30.06.2021

    Jin, jiyan, azadî is a well-known Kurdish slogan applied especially by Kurds in Turkey and Syria to promote Kurdish women’s military struggle as well as political and social participation in the societies of Kurdistan which is today a part of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. It is also the title of a photo exhibition by Sonja Hamad devoted to the Kurdish guerilla fighters in Syria. The image of the female guerilla has dominated global media since the Syrian war, focusing on the brave women fighting the so-called Islamic State in Syria. At the same time, little is known about Kurdish women’s daily life which has been transformed tremendously during the last decades, nor about their many other forms of social engagement as teachers, students, workers, doctors and activists. This is why the main idea of this exhibition is to present different and lesser-known aspects of Kurdish women’s life and struggle.

  • Krakow seminar

    Between 4-6.10.2021 we hold the first seminar in our project. Due to the pandemic the seminar took place online and in the hybrid form in the Collegium Maius of the Jagiellonian University. The pictures from the seminar are available under the link.

  • Mulher, Vida, Libertade - vida diária e envolvimiento social das mulheres curdas

    In October and November 2021, our exhibition Jin, jiyan, azadî (Women, life, freedom) - daily life and social involvement of Kurdish women in Kurdistan and the diaspora, was shown at Casa da Horta in Oporto, Portugal as Mulher, Vida, Libertade - vida diária e envolvimiento social das mulheres curdas no Curdistão e na Diáspora. The opening of the exhibition on October 9 was accompanied by a seminar Daily Life and Social Commitment of Kurdish Women in Kurdistan and the Diaspora.

  • Our seminar in Oslo

    Between 4-7.04.2022 we finally managed to meet in person in Oslo in Fafo. We enjoyed the many discussions including the Fafo Breakfast and the panel Kurdish migration. What are the latest developments and how does gender matter? which you can now watch online. Photographic documentation from our meeting is avaliable under the link. See also the program below. The presentations are available under the link.

  • Publications - the result of our project

    Below we present the publications which are the result of our project.