Honour Code


The reinterpretation of honour as the important part of modernizing processes. Kwam Anthony Appiah and his book The Honor Code. How Moral Revolutions Happen.

Dr Joanna Bocheńska


According to Kwam Anthony Appiah we can follow the scientific revolutions’ analysis in our attempt to point out and study the moral revolutions as well. In his book The Honor Code. How Moral Revolutions Happen (2010) Appiah offers the analysis of a few moral revolutions such as the end of the duel, Chinese footbinding, Atlantic slavery asking what we can learn from them about our own understanding of value systems and honour. To him, honour is still a driving force standing behind the many of our decisions. However while our desire of being honourable remains constant, our understanding of honour changes considerably in time and space. So what can we learn from Appiah’s analysis to better understand the changes of Kurdish society and culture?