A story of the lost honour and recovered dignity


A story of the lost honour and recovered dignity.

Goranî Welatî Daykim (Marooned in Iraq, 2002, Iran) by Bahman Qubadî

Dr Joanna Bocheńska



This well known film by Bahman Qubadi is usually considered in the context of Kurdish difficult history and tragic war experiences. I wish to point out another topic, which in my view is central in this movie. This is the story of Mirza and Henareh who are two musicians very much respected because of their talent and work. However, at the same time Mirza is shown as “the betrayed husband” and Henareh is “the unfaithful wife”. Mirza crosses not only the borders dividing his country but also of traditional system of values which does not satisfy his moral needs. The narrated story challenges the taboos existing in Kurdish society and can be interpreted in light of Kwam Appiah’s “moral revolution” concept. Mirza’s traditional honour might be lost, but his decision and deeds indicate that there is something more important to struggle for. Life and love for another human become central values to follow providing the new meaning for Mirza’s dignity.