TV programs about Kurdish studies in Poland

Below you can find links to the TV Programs with participation of dr Joanna Bocheńska:


  • Pencereya Kurdî (Kurdish Window) - the program by dr Ibrahim Seydo-Aydogan - presents Kurdish but especially non Kurdish scholars who speak Kurdish and do research on Kurdish culture.  Each program portraits an European city, which in this case was Kraków. The film is available under the link
  • Dr Joanna Bocheńska was a guest of Kurdish Rudaw TV, based in Iraqi Kurdistan. She took part in the program by Kawa Emin (Hevpeyivin/Interview) and talked about the history of Kurdish studies in Poland. The film is available under the link
  • On December 8th 2013 Dr Joanna Bocheńska was the guest of Hassan Ghazi in his program Rawêj broadcasted by Stêrk TV, the Kurdish television based in Brussel. She talked about Kurdish studies at the Jagiellonian University and about the research project she is the director of.  The program is available on the Internet under the link: