Publications - the results of the project

Below we present the publications which are the result of our project.



Joanna Bocheńska (Uniwersytet Jagielloński), Karwan Fatah-Black (Uniwersytet Leiden), An Intellectual on a Mission: Abdullah Jalal Fatah, his dissertation on Kurdish culture (1978) and heritage making inspired by Józef Chałasiński and Polish academia, Kurdish Studies 9 (2) 2021, ss. 155-173, open access



Joanna Bocheńska, From Dengbêj to Modern Writer: Heritagization of the Kurdish Oral Tradition and Revitalization of the Kurdish Language in the Works of Mehmed Uzun and Mehmet Dicle, Iranian Studies 55(4), 899-927. doi:10.1017/irn.2022.1, open access



Esat Şanlı, The Potentials and Challenges of Zazaki Translation for Language Revitalisation, Kurdish Studies, 10 (2), 2022, ss. 103-119, open access



Interviews with the folklore collectors, special issue of the journal Fritillaria Kurdica. Bulletin of Kurdish Studies, nr. 21, Kraków 2022, open access