Press interviews

Below you can find several press interviews presenting our research.


Erdoğan otevřel stavidla tureckého nacionalismu (Erdoğan have opened the floodgates of Turkish nationalism), an interview with Karol P. Kaczorowski published by Czech socio-political magazine – A2. The topic of the interview was the situation of Kurds and democracy in Turkey just before the snap elections in November 2015 and after the collapse of peace process and renewal of military operations against PKK in July 2015. The interview was conducted by Czech arabist – Petr Kubálek. It was published online on the website of A2 10/31/2015б under the link .


Артур Родзевич: До тех пор, пока езиды будут верны своей культуре, они будут сильными (Artur Rodziewicz: As long as the Yazidis remain faithful to their culture, they will be strong), an interview given to Rustam Rzgoyan (Рустам Рзгоян) from the ezidipress.com by Dr. Artur Rodziewicz, published on 26 March 2016. The interview refers to Artur Rodziewicz’s studies on Yezidism, especially its metaphysics and relations to the Greek philosophy, ethnic identity of the Yezidis, the role of Adi ibn Musafir in the formation of the Yezidi religion and his relation to Islam, and the present situation of the Yezidis in Iraq and Transcaucasia. The interview is available under the link . French version of the interview was published on 6 May 2016 and is available under the link .


Xeyala Kurdî ya Bochenskayê (Joanny Bocheńska's Kurdish dream), an interview given by dr Joanna Bocheńska to Ibrahimowi Bulak, published by Yeni Özgür Politika 20 January 2017. In the interview Joanna Bocheńska tells about the translations of Kurdish literature done in the scope of the research project and published in Fritillaria Kurdica. Bulletin of Kurdish Studies no. 2, 6, 10 and 15. The interview is available under the link.


Lêkolînên Kurdî li Krakowê (Kurdish Studies in Kraków), an interview given to Luqmanovi Guldivê by Dr Joanna Bocheńska about Kurdish Studies at the Jagiellonian University and the international seminar on Kurdish literature organised in 2014 and entitled: Kurdish Literature. Between Borders, Past and Modernity. The interview was published in Yeni Özgür Politika 29 Ocober 2014. Available under the link.