PhD scholarship competition results

We are pleased to announce that the competition for a second PhD scholarship in the ALCITfem research project financed under the Grieg program by the National Science Center from the Norwegian Funds announced on May 12th, 2021 has been settled. One candidate, Mr. Marcin Skupiński, has entered the competition. After considering the submitted documents and conducting the interview, dr hab. Joanna Bocheńska, Dr. Wendelmoet Hamelink (Oslo University), Dr. Karol Kaczorowski (CASPAR, Cracow University of Economics), Dr. Dobrosława Wiktor-Mach (CASPAR, Cracow University of Economics), Dr hab. Marcin Stonawski (CASPAR, Cracow University of Economics) at the meeting on 01/06/2021 accepted the candidacy of Mr Marcin Skupiński.We'd like to congratulate the new member of the team.