Kurdish Translations of World Literature

We are pleased to invite you to our next panel discussion on Kurdish Translations of World Literature with participation of Kurdish authors and translators. The session will be conducted in Kurdish (different dialects), Q&A in Kurdish and English.




Fexriya Adsay (Kurmanji translator)

Sherzad Hasan (Sorani translator)

Dian Jamel Salih (Bahdini translator)

Sezgin Fırat (Zazaki translator)



May 25, 2021 03:00 PM London



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About the speakers:



Fexriya Adsay studied history in the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. She has translated more than twenty books and tens of articles from English to Turkish and Kurdish (Kurmancî dialect) for nearly 20 years. Her most recent translations are Nameyek ji Hindûyekî re: Nameyên Tolstoy û Gandhi, Theodor Herzl's Dewleta Cihûyan, Loid A. West's (ed.) Neteweperweriya Feminist. Her book, Yezidi Kadınlar, Kültürel Sınırların Edilgel Taşıyıcıları was published by Avesta Publishhouse in 2014. She is chief editor of Zarema, the journal of Criticism and Theory.



Sherzad Hassan was born in Erbil in 1951. He has published seven novels and four short story collections in Kurdish Sorani, and has translated 30 books from English into Kurdish covering different subjects from literature, arts, sociology, and politics. Among his literary translations are Shakespeare's King Lear, Look back in Anger, and Milan Kundera's Life is Elsewhere.



Sezgin Fırat was born in Gimgim in 1982. He graduated from Sociology at the Anadolu University and a Zazaki translator. His most recent translation into Zazaki is Of Mice and Men (Merreyî û Merdimî) which has been published by Avesta Publishing House.



Dian Jamel was born in Duhok, Iraq. He received his M.Sc. in Medical Genetics from the University of Duhok's College of Medicine, and is now a Ph.D. student in "Translational Medicine" at the University of Foggia, Italy. Dian has translated 30 books into Kurdish Bahdini, including Khalid Husseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner, Justine Gardner's Sophies World, and Shahad Alrawi's The Baghdad o'clock.



The seminar is organised in the scope of the project Citizens of the World: Modern KurdishLiterature and Heritagisation as a Means for Transforming and Revitalising the KurdishLanguage and the Oral Tradition funded by the National Science Centre of Poland.