I know my rights project meeting in Kraków

Section of Kurdish Studies of Jagiellonian University organised a three-day Kraków meeting of the project Ez mafe xwe dizanim (I Know My Rights) dedicated to support Kurdish youths in Turkey. The project is finances in the scope of Erasmus Plus program and is administared by the Kurdish Institute in Brussel and engage to other institutions Pro-Humanitate (Germany) and Kurdi - Der (Turkey). Previous meetings were held in Brussels and Amed (Diyarbakır).


Saturday the 19th, guest had an opportunity to take part in classes of Armenian School and presentation of Olga Ślepowrońska- activist and intercultural pedagogue in Krakow. On sunday the 20th they participated in meeting with director of first highschool in Bochnia - mr Jerzy Paczek who in his lecture - "Our difficult experience of teaching Polish language from 1795 onward on the example of one school history” explained the situation of teaching polish language during difficult times of partition of Poland.