Ebrahim Alipoor, his film and photography

We are happy to invite to the three meetings with Ebrahim Alipoor, the Kurdish director, photographer and traveler. The screening of his film In the Quest for Stage Seventh will take place on the 17th of April in the Paradox Cinema, 8 pm (Kraków) and on the 23th of April in the Museum of Asia and Pacific (Warszawa), 6 pm. The meeting with Alipoor and presentation of his photographs will be held in the Bonobo Cafe (Kraków, Mały Rynek 4) on the 18th of April 6 pm.



Organisers: Section of Kurdish Studies of the Institute of Oriental Studies (Jagiellonian University), Institute Of Religious Studies of the Jagiellonian University, Paradox Cinema, Bonobo Cafe (Kraków), Museum of Asia and Pacific (Warszawa)



In the Quest for Stage Seventh is a documentary about dervishes in Kurdistan (the Iranian part). It focuses on the dervishes of Ghaderiye Kesnezani. Making this film took more than 4 years and the director was living along with the dervishes for months. The documentary tells the story of people looking for "deprivation and death"- which is the final stage of Love in the mystical tradition. In order to experience the reality more deeply the director himself became a dervish and for several months lived in the mountains along with them.



Ebrahim Alipoor, a 29 year old photographer from Kurdistan, (Iran): “I see my camera as an instrument to tell stories, to capture feelings, to share moments, and to connect with other people, places and things. I am engaged in what is called the travel photography. Until now I went to 13 countries, where I took photos of different people and cultures. Specifically I was interested in religious themes. Ebrahim Alipoor website.