Angels of Sinjar - fillm discussion

In the scope of the research project ALCITfem, we have the pleasure to invite to a discussion about the film Angels of Sinjar with the participation of the film director Hanna Polak. The event will take place in English 09.03.2023, 6 PM CET on the Zoom platform:


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Angels of Sinjar (Poland, Germany, 2022), by Hanna Polak, is a film about the Yezidi genocide and at the same time a heartrending cry for justice. An exposé of a terrible crime against humanity, it reveals the horrors of a forgotten genocide and a people who are denied all of their rights—but it’s also a testament to their hope, courage and strength.


The documentary is available on the HBO platform


In case you do not have access to HBO please contact: joanna.bochenska@kurdishstudies.pl



Hanna Polak is a Polish director, cinematographer and producer. For her short documentary film, The Children of Leningradsky, about a community of homeless children living in the Leningradsky railway station in Moscow, she was nominated for an Academy Award and an Emmy Award. In 2003, she was awarded Best Producer of Documentary Movies at the Kraków Film Festival for Railway Station Ballad. Making Angels of Sinjars took her six years of often very dangerous efforts and hard work.



ALCITfem is a collaborative research project of Jagiellonian University, University of Oslo, Cracow University of Economics, and the Fafo Research Foundation. The name stands for Activism And Its Moral and Cultural Foundation: Alternative Citizenship and Women’s Roles in Kurdistan and the Diaspora. See more.