dersa dr Farangis Ghaderi

Em we vedixwînin dersa dr Farangis Ghaderî ya bi navê Poetics of Modernity: Revisiting Modern Kurdish Poetry.
tarix: 25.01.2018, saet 16.15
cîh: Enstituya Rojhilatnasî, kolana Mickiewicza 3, hola 402



In this paper I challenge the traditional definition of modern Kurdish poetry and the explanation of its emergence as a radical break with the past in the 1940s by Abdula Goran. I argue that poetic change was a process which unfolded through the oeuvre of several poets, starting from the late nineteenth century and culminating in the 1940s. Exploring the process of the poetic change, I have identified three stages of transformation which are represented by the works of Hacî Qadirê Koyî (1817-1897), Rehîm Rehmê Hekarî (1890-1958), and Pîremêrd (1867-1950). A close reading of the works of these poets illustrates a gradual move from the classical poetic conventions and a successive introduction of new perspectives, rhetoric, and literary devices into the poetic system. Contextualising the emergence of modern Kurdish poetry, I argue that its emergence was a response to the advent of modernity and nationalism in Kurdish society.