Rediscovering Kurdistan's Cultures and Identities

Rediscovering Kurdistan's Cultures and Identities: The Call of The Cricket, ed. Joanna Bocheńska, Palgrave MacMillan 2018



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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Between Honour and Dignity: Kurdish literary and cinema narratives and their attempt to rethink identity and resistance, Joanna Bocheńska

Chapter 3: The Socio-Political Role of Modern Kurdish Cultural Institutions, Renata Kurpiewska-Korbut

Chapter 4: Countering Othering: Social negotiations of identity among new Kurdish migrants in Istanbul, Karol Kaczorowski

Chapter 5: Translation, Power and Domination: The postcolonial explorations of the Bible in the Kurdish context, Marcin Rzepka

Chapter 6: Ethnic and Religious Factors of Chaldo-Assyrian Identity in an Interface with the Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan, Krzysztof Lalik

Chapter 7: The Nation of the Sur: The Yezidi identity between modern and ancient myth, Artur Rodziewicz



O książce:


"This volume marks a major addition to Kurdish studies. It paints an innovative, historically differentiated, and theoretically informed picture of cultural and religious life among different ethnic groups in Kurdistan, and among Kurds living elsewhere. Jointly, its contributions take us far beyond the reductionist narratives of conflict, war, and resistance that dominate much of the existing literature.”

Michiel Leezenberg, Professor, Amsterdam University



"Joanna Bocheńska and her colleagues have placed Kraków on the map as a vibrant centre of Kurdish studies. This book gives an excellent overview of the wide range of their interests and the originality of their approach. Each of the chapters contributes new insights in the social and cultural dynamics of modern Kurdish society, with a strong emphasis on religious minorities. Highly recommended to both scholars and the general public."

Martin van Bruinessen, Professor, Utrecht University